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eguardo XML API Service allows you to protect your website or application against reported ip addresses.

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eguardo Personal Edition
eguardo Smart Defender
Personal Edition

eguardo is the first smart protection application for DMZ or Internet facing computers. Protects from Brute Force, DDoS and Spoof Attacks.

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DMZ/Internet facing computers are always in risk of intrusion. eguardo protects many services including Remote Desktop Protection, IIS and MS FTP against these threats by analysing system logs and system health.

Try it for your self and see what it blocks till the end of the day.

eguardo Standart Edition
eguardo Smart Defender
Standard Edition

Need to block attackers without hard firewall rules? eguardo will handle this for you by analysing system logs.

eguardo Standard Edition

eguardo will protect Remote Desktop, IIS, MS FTP, MSSQL, OWA, Sharepoint Portal, Microsoft CRM, Lync Server

For a list of supported services and firewall scheduling click More Info.

Try it for your self and see what it blocks till the end of the day.

eguardo Professional Edition
eguardo Smart Defender
Professional Edition

Integrated Heuristic protection. Block bad guys before they attack your system. Also protection for custom applications (including web pages) of your preference.

eguardo Professional Edition

Protecting administration of webportals and applications have never been easier. Brute force & Port Scan & Global Black List Protection.

Just check our sample codes for PHP, and so on to protect your site's administration login, registration form, etc.

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  • Eventually, we were searching such an application to protect our servers without spending thousands of dollars. Worth an application money can buy. Give it a try!

    Tony Butcher - CEO, Tribiq

  • Essential if you have to open RDP to the world. As a system administrator, I have to reach our to the server from anywhere, as a result leaving services open to the world, we found the solution and we

    Mehmet Ali Demirci, CTO,

  • I know staff having weak passwords for e-mail, user accounts and several times we faced nasty situations. Never let anybody to test for weak passwords, sooner or later they beat it. e.guardo is blocki

    Jane Edmudson - WebSystem

  • Searching for a better and cheaper protection than e.guardo? unplug your Internet. If you cannot, buy the software.

    Richard Harris - EquaLine

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